Journey to Become Unfcukwithable

Is it you you’re looking for? The unique, authentic, unprecedented you who came into this world? The real you you’ve spent years concealing and now can’t find?

Can you imagine the freedom, the happiness, the fulfilment you’ll experience when you do find your unconstrained, fully-abled, bona fide self?

What might an empowered you have to offer to make your relationships, your home, your work environment, your community, this world a better place?

If you truly are a seeker, you will never stop exploring, travelling where you need to go, to get back to the place you started from, to finally know and love that place like never before.

If you’re a real explorer, in for the long haul, I, Annie Gyg, invite you to come along on the Becoming Unfcukwithable Journey, the journey to be you, the BU journey.

Becoming unfcukwithable means moving ever closer to being truly at peace and in touch with yourself, such that nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity or drama can touch you. The way of the journey to BU will be yours alone, because you alone have spent years hiding yourself and only you can find you.


Oh, the places you’ll go on your journey to be you!

– adapted from Dr. Seuss


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Why c before u in “unfcukwithable”? Initially, it was a practical way around being censored on certain social media platforms, but it’s evolved into more than that.

Becoming unfcukwithable does not mean becoming perfect. The “typo” or “mistake” suggests you can find happiness, fulfillment and self-love as your perfectly imperfect self. You’ll continue to fcuk up, trip and fall as you travel along on your BU journey, but you’ll become increasingly adept at flipping those stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

C before u also serves to remind that self-awareness is the foundation of personal growth and empowerment. The more clearly you can “see” “you”, the greater your ability to let go of self-sabotaging beliefs, thinking and behaviour.