About Annie

What’s in a name?

I’m Annie Gyg (pronounced “jig”). When I was a child, my now departed dad called me “Annie Get Your Gun” (after the popular 1950 musical western). I loved that nickname and shortened it to Annie Gyg, adopting it as my pen name.

As an adult, I came to think of “gun” as the acronym for Genuine Unique Nature, and in the mid 1980s—when I was 30ish and very unhappy—I set out on my journey to get my “gun”. My journey towards unfcukwithability.

Today, I like to talk and write about the aha nuggets I’ve been accumulating as I journey, which are enabling me to live ever more deeply, more authentically, more spiritually, and more happily than I could ever have imagined as a 30-year-old. The most valuable nuggets have been found in my greatest challenges and screw ups. My travels begin from my childhood place as fourth child of nine, taking me through religiosity to spirituality, into parenthood and a loved one’s mental illness and addiction, from the stuckness of self-dislike to the liberation of self-love.

In sharing my stories and webinar, it’s my hope that you will find an aha nugget or two that will likewise help you get your gun, empowering you to live your life to the fullest.

My blogs and webinar are offered under my business name: hywtas (HI-wa-tass), yet another of my acronyms, this one for “hitch your wagon to a star”. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1862 essay “American Civilization,” you’re a wise person to hitch your wagon to a star in order to borrow the power of the elements to serve you in your efforts. Hywtas was born out of my belief that the power of the elements is not found out there somewhere, but rather within your authentic, unique self. You’re empowered to be happy and live a fulfilling life once you connect to your internal power source.

hywtas … or just stay where you are.