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How to Be Happy While Caring for Another: A caregiver’s guide to self-care

Whether caring for a child, an elder, someone suffering from physical or mental health issues, addictions or loneliness, for a short term or indefinitely, the greatest offering we can make to our care recipient is the gift of our healthy, happy self. Our healthy, happy self depends on self-care. And self-care begins with self-love. [PDF]


Embarassment to Embracement: A Caregiver’s Story of Overcoming Stigma

From my caregiving experiences, I’ve come to learn the importance of stigma-busting. Not only for the sake of the person experiencing mental illness and/or addictions but also for the one giving care to that person. [PDF]



NLEN vs. Gremlin

How to win the tug of war between motivations and deterrents to live fully and purposefully [PDF]



Flip Its

A 30-second exercise to flip a draining, troubling thought or feeling into a life enhancing perspective. [PDF]