Transformative self-care coaching

What is transformative self-care coaching?

Coaching can help you bridge the gap between knowing what you want out of life and actually living the life you want. Transformative self-care coaching is focused on helping you bridge that gap so you can enhance the quality of your life and enhance your relationships with others by implementing the Triple-A self-care practice of authenticity, awareness and attitude.

The self-care coaching process involves collaborative conversations between you and your coach to:

  • consider your current reality (for example: As caregiver – Feeling stressed, overworked, and drained in my caregiving role. As a person in a relationship – disappointed in the quality of my relationship(s).)
  • identify what it is that you want (for example: As caregiver – feeling my life is in balance, I’m giving care effectively without stress, and enjoying me-time. As a person in a relationship – enjoying and enriched by the relationship )
  • explore opportunities to create the desired change through authenticity, awareness and attitude
  • create a personalized way forward to implement and sustain the change

How does self-care coaching work?

You will engage with your coach, at no cost and no obligation, during a one-hour discovery session by phone to determine if Self-Care Coaching is for you. If both you and your coach feel the coaching process will support you in achieving your desired outcome, you will enter into a coaching contract.

To view the contract, click here.

Interested in learning more? Contact me for more information or to arrange a discovery session.