Transformative self-care education

I’m pleased to offer a number of engaging and empowering educational opportunities. Sign up for a workshop to develop practical tools that will help you create the happy and fulfilling life you want. Don’t see what you’re looking for in the descriptions below? Contact me about customizing a workshop for your organization:


The following 3-hour, classroom workshops are offered in Guelph, Ontario, through the Upper Grand District School Board Continuing Education Program. For course location, dates and times and to register, visit

Become Your Own Life Coach

Learn the fundamentals of coaching yourself to achieve or exceed your personal and/or professional goals. By utilizing the TGROW coaching model (M. Downey) as a guide and by discovering how to ask powerful questions of yourself throughout the Logical Levels (G. Bateson), you will be enabled to apply basic self-coaching techniques in your day-to-day life at home and at work for enhanced, rewarding performance. You will receive practical tools to assist yourself in making those difficult decisions, and becoming the best, most effective you in all your roles. If you’re already working with a life coach, self-coaching can maximize the experience between sessions.  If you’re considering hiring or becoming a professional life coach, this workshop will give you an inside look at the coaching method.

Sustain Your Motivation to Achieve Goals

Have you enthusiastically started projects, resolved to change a habit, or committed to meet a goal, but lost your mojo, got stuck, or became derailed along the way? Have you tried using all the tricks in the book to sustain the high level of motivation you need to achieve your desired outcomes, but it still doesn’t happen?  When we find and align with our life purpose – our reason for being, our values – we are able to tap into a renewable source of passion that consistently fuels our motivation. Our de-motivators drop off and we become increasingly energized, instead of losing energy, as we pursue our goals. In this awareness-enhancing workshop, learn how to find your life purpose in “Near Life Experiences” and in other value-revealing exercises, to sustain your motivation and achieve your goals.

Care for the Caregiver

“Self-care is never a selfish act; it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have—the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.” – Parker Palmer

To enable ourselves to respond healthfully and effectively to the demands of caregiving—and to be happy—it is vital to practice nourishing self-care. And to find the on-going motivation to give ourselves the time and effort self-care takes, we must love ourselves deeply enough. The first half of this workshop offers tips and tools to really, truly love ourselves so that we respect and value ourselves enough to take very good care of ourselves. The second half of the workshop provides an overview of the 12 steps we can take to implement ongoing self-care. If you’re tired of feeling tired, burnt out, unappreciated, taken for granted, guilty, manipulated, stressed out, confused, or irritable, this workshop can be the starting point for you to enhance the quality of your life while in the caregiver role by regaining a sense of balance and happiness.

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Holistic Wellness

Like a well-constructed fence along the boundary of someone’s property that clearly marks where that person’s property ends and another begins, a healthy personal boundary defines the limit of ourselves that is to be respected by others. We all have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries. The health of our boundaries is tied directly to our self-esteem. If you often feel uncomfortable, taken advantage of, or resentful with respect to others’ treatment of you, it may be that you can benefit from strengthening weak personal boundaries. Healthy boundaries ensure your interactions with others are mutually respectful. They both reflect and foster your self-confidence and self-love. They protect you from being exploited and support the values you live by. The presenter shares personal experiences in setting boundaries that supported her holistic wellness in her role as a corporate manager and as a caregiver to a loved one experiencing mental illness and addictions. The workshop provides tools to set and reinforce healthy boundaries.