Transformative self-care speaking

What is transformative self-care speaking?

Transformative self-care speaking is informative and inspirational story-telling for persons who care for another in the broadest sense. The stories arise from first-hand experiences of a mother who journeyed as caregiver into the world of a mental health crisis and addictions with a loved one and emerged on the other side with a new understanding of the great importance of foundational self-care. Infused with metaphor and personal adventures, the stories vividly illustrate how self-care must begin with self-love that is fostered through authenticity, awareness and attitude.

The stories cover topics such as:

  • from codependency to loving detachment
  • beyond shame and the stigma of mental illness and addiction
  • loving me so I can love you – Triple-A self-care
  • changing attitude when it’s beyond your control to change circumstances
  • becoming grounded and balanced when feeling overwhelmed
  • letting go of blame to get unstuck and create the life you want
  • accessing that place of peace, calm and happiness within


What are the Self-Care Speaking offerings?

Speaking engagements can be booked for any sized audiences, and customized to a length that suits your agenda.

Contact me for more information or to book an engagement.