Let’s grow up and take responsibility

July 8, 2021

It is unfair to say we’re responsible for cleaning up a mess we didn’t make? Maybe. But unfair as it may be, ignoring that responsibility is not an option when it comes to our life quality.

Not if we want to live as happily and healthfully as possible. Not if we want the same for the next generation. And the generations after that.

Decades ago when I first came across the quote in the image, it resonated strongly with me on a personal wellness level. It motivated and empowered me to begin the lifelong process of fixing me, so I could show up as a better mom, partner, relative, employee, boss, volunteer, friend, and community member.

So I could love me and enjoy my own company. And it still serves as an excellent reminder that the process is never complete. It’d be a mistake to think I’m ever finished.

But today this adage takes on an additional, monumental aspect for me.

I was a child of the 1950s and 60s, living in a society largely ignorant of the environmental degradation we humans were inflicting on planet earth to an ever-greater degree.

I was not responsible for being born into, raised in, and acclimated to an industrialized, increasingly materialistic, capitalistic, globalizing world.

But here I am—an adult, with adult children, a granddaughter, great nieces and nephews. I am responsible for cleaning up this ecological mess I largely didn’t make.

Yet I have contributed to the mess, unknowingly for most of my life, by virtue of being a consumer in a “developed” country, enjoying many of the technological perks and cheap goods on offer.

Now I’m passionate about contributing to fixing this huge mess we—yes, you, I, all of us—are implicit in creating.

It’s my goal to raise awareness on two fronts: firstly, on the importance of fixing ourselves in order to release the best version of ourselves out into a world that desperately needs an un-needy, unfettered, empowered you and me; and, secondly, on the unequivocal urgency of individually assuming responsibility to help fix the broken ecology threatening to render our global home inhabitable.

For a discussion on the ways and means of fixing our ecology, check out my blogs Saving Cece and There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza. For musings on personal fixes, take a look through my blog library .

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