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March 30, 2021

In November 2020—as the second Covid wave was swelling in Canada—I had an enlightening phone conversation with my sister who expressed keen interest in “The Great Reset”. I had to admit at the time I was only passingly familiar with the term, but quickly came to learn either (A) it’s a conspiratorial, globalist plot for opportunistic world financial elites to re-engineer economies and societies that are at their most vulnerable due to the pandemic deliberately created by the elites for their sole financial benefit at the expense of the masses, i.e. it’s code for oligarchs to amass wealth and control population; or, (B) as put forth by the World Economic Forum, it’s a timely proposal in light of the devastation of the non-deliberately created Covid pandemic to shape an economic recovery and the future direction of global relations, economies, and priorities in a sustainable, fair, ecologically friendly way, i.e. set the stage for an improved, responsible capitalism that focuses on benefits to stakeholders, not shareholders.

I, being an optimistic realist who chooses to believe that humanity is not rotten at the core, vote for the second option. And, as I discuss below, there is a way to enable the actualization of Option B—the Good Global Reset. But first, what exactly needs to be reset?

 Resetting Globalization


“Reset” implies the end of the status quo, and at the planetary level this means the end of globalization as we know it. As per Manfred B. Steger in Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, we know it to be “a complex and uneven dynamic linking the local (and the national and regional) to the global—as well as the West to the East, and the North to the South.” In the final paragraph of the same book, Steger concludes:

 [W]e ought to…welcome greater manifestations of social interdependence that emerge as a result of globalization. These transformative social processes must be guided by the ethical polestar of cosmopolitanism: the building of a truly democratic and egalitarian global order that protects universal human rights without destroying the cultural diversity that is the lifeblood of human evolution.

Aligned with Steger, my thinking is this: we can’t undo the global interconnectivity that’s the manifestation of centuries of human exploration and technological advancement, but let’s see how we can make globalization an inevitability that fosters the good of all, not the good of a few at the expense of the many. And how might we achieve this monumentally tall order, this “Good Global Reset”?

Covid holds clues.

A biological virus, such as a coronavirus, is a small protein shell containing genetic information. Viruses replicate their genetic material inside cells, then release the replications to infect additional cells and spread the virus. The effectiveness of the virus’s spread from cell to cell and ultimately person to person depends on its ability to overcome multiple cellular barriers, i.e., the cells’ lines of defence. Covid19 is very adept at this, hence its success in achieving pandemic status and “resetting” human behaviour. What about this virus can we human’s appropriate to make the Good Global Reset a reality? Here’s what I think:

  • Covid19 doesn’t aim to take down the whole human body at once—it spreads cell by cell by cell, in an exponential way. It doesn’t aim to take down the whole human species at once—it spreads human to human to human, in an exponential way. I contend the Good Global Reset can most effectively, or more likely only, actualize when it spreads from human to human to human, as opposed to being pushed from the top down, or otherwise imposed. This means each human has to first reset themself, undertake a Personal Reset. More on that in a bit.
  • Covid19’s super spreading effectiveness is attributable to its ability to break through barriers and evolve as required to overcome evolving cellular defences. Likewise, Personal Resets, antecedent to the Good Global Reset, require an individual’s ability to evolve, to successfully and sustainably become an infectious agent of change.

So, what’s this “Personal Reset”?

Personal Reset: prerequisite to a Good Global Reset

My definition of Personal Reset is this: an individual’s change of beliefs, thoughts and behaviour as required to advance, in Manfred’s words, “the building of a truly democratic and egalitarian global order that protects universal human rights without destroying the cultural diversity.” I suggest this involves, but is not limited to, each and every one of us human beings

  • overcoming the barrier of materialism by adopting consumption practices that are ecologically sustainable and not exploitive of producers, as I talk about in my Saving Cece blog;


  • overcoming the barrier of self-centeredness by adopting a perspective of being an intrinsic part of, not external to or superior to, the global ecology (planet earth and all its inhabitants), and acting accordingly in ways that are never harmful to the wellbeing of the whole;


  • overcoming the barrier of righteousness by adopting an attitude of, and practicing, egalitarian collaboration and cooperation with all, regardless of social, cultural or religious differences.


Personal Reset is akin to what Pope Francis calls “Profound Interior Conversion” in his 2015 encyclical “Laudato Si’ (On Care for Our Common Home)”. It’s related to what the Dalai Lama is suggesting in his statement: “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

I’ve described what I call Personal Reset, and something of what it involves at a very high level. I’ve explained why I believe it’s the only way of achieving a Good Global Reset. Admittedly, each and every individual in the world is not in a mental, emotional or spiritual place to undertake a Personal Reset. But a person can move in that direction. Getting to that place is what I refer to as becoming unfcukwithable (typo intended, as explained here).

Becoming Unfcukwithable
Unfcukwithable is an adjective describing someone totally at peace and in touch with themself, so that nothing anyone says or does bothers them and no negativity or drama touches them. 

In other words, it describes a person who has reached a level of awareness and self-love where they’re beyond being mentally or emotionally hijacked by others or circumstances, and instead have the ability to healthfully and beneficially choose responses to any situation. An unfcukwithable person:

  • Has no need to bolster their ego with—or search for happiness in—material acquisition. Hence, the first barrier, materialism, becomes, pardon the pun, immaterial.
  • Has the depth of awareness to understand they are “one with all”, a single cell in a living body. With this abiding consciousness, self-centeredness is not a barrier.
  • Has actualized the most complete, fully-developed version of themself. They have no need to compare or “prove” themself relative to others, or think themself better than another. The barrier of self-righteousness has fallen away, enabling the unfcukwithable person to most effectively collaborate and cooperate with others.

Admittedly, no one can achieve complete unfcukwithability in life, but when enough individuals move in that direction, and more and more people get increasingly better at overcoming their barriers—at personally resetting—might the viral spread not happen, leading to the Good Global Reset?

Power without corruption

Unfcukwithable people are empowered to act, but their power is not corrupted with greed or control like the elites at the heart of the conspiracy version of The Great Reset—they have no craving for either. They have no thoughts that “my perspective is the right one”, “those people are misguided”. Neither are they constrained by self-sabotaging beliefs: “I’m not [good, smart, young, educated, liked…] enough”, “I’m only one person, I can’t make a difference”, “I might fail”, “what will others think”, “it’s hopeless”. They’re empowered to bring their best, unfettered self—bearing unique strengths, skills, talents and ideas—into innovation, teaching, problem-solving, collaborating and cooperating, all the things needed to achieve Good Global Reset. 


I said earlier on I’m an optimistic realist. My optimist self believes the message is spreading: change in human behaviour is needed to save us from ourselves. The realist part of me believes collective human behaviour will not change without enough Personal Resets to virally spread into a Good Global Reset. I share my insights on becoming unfcukwithable (“BU”) while I work on developing my own unfcukwithability in the hope that maybe, just maybe, the idea of becoming unfcukwithable—the BU virus—will spread.




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